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Taft Local Government attorneys work closely with local government representatives to keep them apprised of regulatory and statutory changes and to assist in problem solving on difficult issues that public entities face daily, such as revenue generation, service delivery, tax exemptions, construction, inter-governmental agreements, jurisdictional boundaries, labor and employee-related matters. Similarly, we represent quasi-governmental organizations such as the zoos and port authorities, providing a wide range of legal services.

For public sector entities, such as townships, municipalities, zoos and port authorities, a delicate balance exists between delivering services taxpayers expect and managing costs responsibly as revenue steadily shrinks in today’s distressed economy. Compounding the situation are increasingly complex regulatory and statutory compliance requirements. Our attorneys help clients streamline service delivery and identify additional sources of revenue whenever possible. We stay abreast of regulatory and statutory requirements, keeping our clients informed and handling compliance matters so that they can focus on their day-to-day obligations.


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